Corporate Services

(a) Group Personal Accident Insurance

Accident means, “An unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and    unintentionally,” We do not have the power to stop accidents from happening but we can prepare for them financially with “Accident Insurance” in an attempt to minimize the damage caused by any such event. 

Such insurance can be done on Individual as well as group levels. ‘InvestGate Financials’ knows the ins and outs of this financial segment and will be at your service and assist you to choose better plans and/or companies to buy this service from. 

(B) Group Health Insurance 

The current pandemic has brought to limelight the importance of Health Insurance. The need of this insurance is magnified if you have dependents, including family or employees. We help you choose the best plans for Group Health Insurance, with maximum benefits and a lower risk factor. 

(c) Workman Compensation Insurance 

The law demands us to compensate a worker in case he/she is injured on work. We keep a tab on the best Workman Compensation Insurance Policies for you so that you can choose and rest assured that your workers get amply paid in case of an accident. 

(d) Keyman Insurance

“Keyman” man a person with a set of skills, who contributes substantially to the profit of a company. In this kind of insurance the proposer and the premium payer is the employer and he will be paid in case the Keyman is rendered not fit to work or dies in an accident. 

 (e) Fire & Burglary Insurance of Offices and Workplaces

Fire as well as burglary, are events you cannot foresee and prevent from happening. However, the insurance against such events leaves you assured that your losses will be compensated in case any of these events takes place.  

Coporate Services